Your TV remote may be killing you

What you shine a light on only gets brighter! One might read the above statement and think that’s a great thing; while others might stop and ask, “what am I shining a light on today?”

I am constantly examining what I spend time on and what I give importance to in my life.  

It is critical that we examine the above statement, as it sheds insights into how we live and how we view the world around us!  They say: “what your mind perceives becomes your reality!”  Think of the world as if it were a Netflix subscription. You have infinite choice with respect to what you want to watch and when you want to watch it.  Depending on the program you choose to watch (or focus on), your viewpoint of the world around you will begin to shift and change.

As an example, if you were to tune into a news station for a prolonged period of time, you would be exposed to a specific narrative that may often obscure your opinion on the full story.  What you have done (intentionally or not) is focused a light on a certain conversation and or perception of life.  Even though Netflix has a vast library of ever-changing content, you choose CNN and instantly, your hooked.  From that moment, life begins to take on a certain look and feel.  The “look” (or outlook) may be one of hopelessness and despair, from the rhetoric of North Korea and the missile crisis to the mass migration of refugees and links to terrorism and destruction.  

Here’s a point to consider, the next time you find yourself watching the eleven o’clock news, pay close attention to your thoughts, good or bad.  What you will find is that your thoughts trigger both an emotional and physiological response to what your mind is focusing on. For most, when we are exposed to images of hate or terror, our bodies respond physically, often with an increase in tension, stress, anxiety, and an elevated heart rate.  The same can be said while watching something funny, upbeat and inspirational; your body physically relaxes, responding with laughter, smiles and it has a certain calming effect.  The interesting part is that your body is responding as if the occurrences are actually happening right in front of you, leading you to a place where your perception becomes your reality!

This is why it’s so imperative that we consciously pay attention to the information we digest. For some, the world is a messed-up place. They believe that people are “in it for themselves”, that work must hurt, that jobs are scarce, and money is too. These people are often stuck with a negative perception of the world, or said another way, stuck on a certain dial.

Contrary to those people, others are tuned into a totally different channel. These people see the world today as abundant and full of endless opportunity. For these people, the world is merely a stage where they are able to challenge themselves and grow while making an impact.  These individuals choose to shine a light on their wins not wallow in their misses, and they believe the world is bountiful with infinite opportunity for all.  I’m guilty myself of being dialled into the latter, and I must say, it feels damn great!

I believe we, ourselves, create our own reality of the world, through the choices we make and the information we choose to consume.  I challenge you to take a quick moment to examine what station you’re dialled into, and inquire how that station makes you feel.  Remember, you are only ever feeling or reacting to the thoughts you feel in the moment, and those thought quickly become, ultimately your reality.  

Dial into something worth focusing on and see your reality change right before your eyes!

Tony Gareri

CEO & Culture Enthusiast

Drawing from firsthand experiences, Tony addresses how a culture evolution can lead to improved business results and happier work environments.

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