Organizational Culture


Your foundation to purpose, profits and winning teams!

This is a high energy, high impact keynote. It is based on Tony’s own evolution, his journey from unsatisfied team member to CEO. Tony takes the audience through his leadership approach to transform the company, his culture shift techniques and implementation process with storytelling and multi-media presentations. The audience will leave inspired, and with a reckoning that big budgets, and long-drawn-out processes are not required to implement a happy culture in the workplaces today. Change begins now.

key objectives

Learn How To:

Make Big Changes with Small Budgets

Recognize where change is needed
and establish a new wave of business principles and methodologies

Plan and Execute a Culture Shift

Use time, effort and your talented team to engage in a culture that promotes your core values and mission

Win Over your
Key Stakeholders

Define your success matrix, continuously acknowledge results, and in turn, momentum will breed success


"It was a pleasure to have Tony as keynote speaker at our conference. His energy helped kicked off the first day and his speech really hit the mark. Tony is a true professional, his team is friendly and organized and we have had nothing but positive feedback. I would highly recommended Tony."

Jennifer Bishop, Marketing Manager at Satori Consulting


"I can't say enough about Tony and his team at Roma Moulding. A genuine and thoughtful leader with true passion for his business and for instilling his team with a strong customer first culture."

Diana Goodwin, CEO at MarketBox


"Tony's purpose and passion shines through every touchpoint at Roma Moulding. If you're a business owner or leader, and are curious about how great culture can transform your organization, I highly recommend reaching out to Tony. Also, if you're ever in need of world-class custom frames, they do that by the way!"

Kal Sayid, CEO at Pixel Dreams


"Tony, Thank you for a great morning. I truly love your passion and it is wonderful to see what you have done. I share your passion for culture and definitely came away inspired. Hope to see you at another Mastermind Talk in the future."

Christie Henderson, CEO at Henderson Partners, LLP

An Unforgettable Speaking Experience

Get started on a happy, winning workplace. Change begins now!