Meet Tony

Family Man, CEO, Speaker, Culture Enthusiast, Blogger


Tony helps leaders build happy, winning, successful teams

Drawing from firsthand experiences, Tony addresses how a culture revolution can lead to unconventional business results and happier workplace environments.

Who is Tony?

"I want to blur the lines between work and play.
I've built a company that puts a premium on happiness."

Tony is a family man, a curious CEO, a prolific speaker and a culture & leadership junkie. He lives in gratitude daily and as such, has a passion for making a positive impact around the world.

As the CEO of Roma Moulding, a frame manufacturer that is world-renowned for its iconic design, Tony laid the foundations for a culture shift when he was appointed in 2011. He implemented a progressive strategy that prioritizes the happiness of his team. This transformation would profoundly reframe the way Roma Moulding would do business.

By establishing a clear mission, vision and a series of core values, he constructed a strong framework for effective leadership. During the last decade, Roma Moulding has achieved a number of accolades including Manufacturer of the Year and Most Admired Company Culture to name a few. Tony is a frequent guest on numerous podcasts, a lecturer at universities across Canada, and featured on blogs; all of which are focused on his passions: business, leadership, mission work, culture and employee happiness. He’s been acknowledged for his work in notable publications such as Forbes, Toastmasters,, and The Drive.

As an advocate for cultivating a positive workplace environment, Tony’s mission is simple: To help organizations build happy, winning, successful teams. He believes that following your passion, while being able to do what you love is the only way to live.  His daily motivation is driven by the fact that life is short, and as such it is a necessity to ensure people are fulfilled at work as they are at home.  

All of Tony’s work, both business and charitable, derives from the motto to Move, Inspire and WOW and that’s how Roma Wish was established.

Roma Wish is a simple yet impactful way of giving back to the whole world we all share. The Roma Wish mission is simple: to make profound positive impact. To date, Tony and his team have completed 5 missions; from Haiti to West Virginia, no mission is too far or great.

Tony’s abundant life experiences and learnings combined with leading a transformation within his own company has driven him to consult and speak with organizations globally. Tony’s keynote presentations reveal his passion and belief in building sustainable strategies to cultivate successful, happy, winning, successful workplaces.


Tony In Action

A gallery of Tony speaking to audiences from diverse industries and backgrounds.


"It was a pleasure to have Tony as keynote speaker at our conference. His energy helped kicked off the first day and his speech really hit the mark. Tony is a true professional, his team is friendly and organized and we have had nothing but positive feedback. I would highly recommended Tony."

Jennifer Bishop, Marketing Manager at Satori Consulting


"I can't say enough about Tony and his team at Roma Moulding. A genuine and thoughtful leader with true passion for his business and for instilling his team with a strong customer first culture."

Diana Goodwin, CEO at MarketBox


"Tony's purpose and passion shines through every touchpoint at Roma Moulding. If you're a business owner or leader, and are curious about how great culture can transform your organization, I highly recommend reaching out to Tony. Also, if you're ever in need of world-class custom frames, they do that by the way!"

Kal Sayid, CEO at Pixel Dreams


"Tony, Thank you for a great morning. I truly love your passion and it is wonderful to see what you have done. I share your passion for culture and definitely came away inspired. Hope to see you at another Mastermind Talk in the future."

Christie Henderson, CEO at Henderson Partners, LLP