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You know that new car smell that everyone loves? How about the feeling of cracking open a book for the first time? Maybe you love peeling the plastic off a new mobile device.

You know that new car smell that everyone loves? How about the feeling of cracking open a book for the first time? Maybe you love peeling the plastic off a new mobile device. All of these are related in a couple of exciting ways, chiefly, the fresh, newness of them all. Not only are they new but they hold the promise of something more, be it adventuring with friends in your car, learning something new in a book or connecting with people far away using your new phone or tablet.

As we all venture into the uncharted waters of 2015, we get to experience that same exciting feeling of newness while we unwrap a new year. In 2015, I commit to believing that anything is possible. Not sort of, kind of possible. Not possible if everything goes right. Anything is possible. Period.

The reason I believe that anything can be achieved is because I tirelessly search out people who have proven this to be true. In moments of doubt, I turn to the people who have done it before me – success leaves clues.

Your Entire Life, In the Palm Of Your Hand

Quick question – what can you absolutely not leave your house without? The answer is unequivocally your phone.

Steve Jobs vision was that with the right mixture of research, talent and ambition, anything was possible.

While a few elite companies offer this product, the example I often cite is that of the market share leader, Apple. Steve Jobs was powered by an ambition and hustle that’s hard to match but his belief that anything was possible is what catapulted Apple into one of the world’s biggest companies.

Due to his legendary vision, Jobs changed the way we live. Think about that for moment. We now hold in the palm of our hands every non-living thing that’s important to us. The photos that represent our fondest memories, the music from the most important times of our lives, email and native applications that help us to stay in touch with friends, businesses and family.

Jobs wasn’t perfect. He made mistakes, but he never lost track of his vision that with the right mixture of research, talent and ambition, anything was possible.

We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore!

More than 65 years after his passing, Gandhi continues to inspire many to believe that anything is possible.

The world found an unlikely hero when a Hindu from the merchant caste championed the cause of self-rule half a world away.

Even though he died 30 years before I was born, I’ve always had profound admiration for Mahatma Gandhi. What he accomplished in his 78 years on earth continues to affect the lives of billions of people with nationwide campaigns to ease poverty, expand women’s right and end untouchability, he helped to achieve Swaraj aka, self-rule.

How did he do it? The techniques he employed are too vast to list here but none of it would have been possible if he didn’t believe it was. He was born in the British Indian Empire and died in a free India because anything is possible.

From Backwater to Big Time

Think back to your childhood for a moment. Think of all your happiest moments and favorite characters that made you smile. The odds are you’ve thought of at least one moment where the genius of Walt Disney touched your young soul.

Walt Disney built the happiest place on earth where no one thought it was possible.

By the 1960’s Disney had already changed the world but his ability to turn 8,000 acres of undeveloped Florida swampland into the happiest place on earth is astounding. He already created Disneyland in California a decade earlier but his desire to access the east coast population and to control the area surrounding his future theme park drove him east to Orlando. While he was instrumental in the design of Walt Disney World, he never got to see his dream fulfilled as he passed on prior to the gates opening.

Disney didn’t let the humidity or the swamps filled with gators deter him from creating his dream because he lived his life believing anything is possible. Today more people visit Walt Disney World than any other vacation resort in the world, inspiring the next generation to dream big dreams.

Canadian rock star Jacob Hoggard, inspires Tony to believe that anything is possible.

Finally, while he hasn’t changed the world like those mentioned above, I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Jacob Hoggard. Hoggard was the lead singer of a small town band Hedley, when he decided to try out for Canadian Idol (based on the hit show American Idol). His band mates bet Hoggard that he wouldn’t make it into the top three. He did precisely that. Upon returning to his home province of British Columbia he brought in a whole new set of band members who also believed that anything is possible. In addition to creating inspiring hit songs, Hedley are also ambassadors for the international charity, Free The Children and have been to Kenya and India to volunteer with the charity.

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