Invest Before You Digress: Build Bridges Not Walls

When entering a new organization at any level, there is a crucial step that must take precedence above all else – connecting, connecting, and connecting with the people. Whether it's a church, business, charity, or sports team, it is vital to recognize and respect the hard work and effort that propelled the organization to the point where they could extend this opportunity to you.

Before charging in with grand ideas to fix what may seem broken, it is imperative to pause and truly listen. We often re quick to correct, versus taking the time to connect.

Research shows that leaders who prioritize building strong connections with their team are 30% more likely to achieve high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement. By investing in the people and demonstrating a genuine care for their well-being, you create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Take the time to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly– to comprehend the inner workings of the organization and what makes it truly function.

During those first crucial weeks, dedicate yourself to listening. Build connections with your team, learn from their experiences, and embrace their perspectives.

Ask questions to satisfy your curiosity:

Why does the call center operate until 8 p.m.?

Why is the structure designed this way?

What drives the team to show up every day?

Uncover the threads that interweave everyone within the organization.

Leadership requires a deep understanding of the team and a genuine care for the reasons behind their dedication. As you embark on this journey, solicit their advice. Give them a platform to contribute their insights. How would they approach a certain situation? What suggestions do they have to improve processes? By valuing their input, you not only show respect for their expertise but also foster a collaborative environment that harnesses the collective power of the team.

As you immerse yourself in your new role, take time to reflect on whether this is the right company for you. Consider your connection with the people and your passion for the product or service that you are now an ambassador for. Being part of a team goes beyond simply wanting to join – it means comprehending the team's purpose and the intricacies of the operating system that make it thrive.

Organizations that prioritize effective onboarding have 50%greater new hire retention rates? By taking the time to connect with your team and truly understand their experiences, you create a foundation of trust and engagement that leads to long-term success. At Roma, we take onboarding so serious, that we then take the time to survey the new individual to ensure we hit the mark for them within the first30 days!  Questions like  

A.     Did the Talent and Culture team make your first week at Roma amazing?

B.     What is the most memorable moment from your first 30 days at Roma?

C.     What is one suggestion you have to improve the on boarding experience?

Remember, you owe it to the people – and yourself – to invest at least three months to set yourself up for success. Be the valuable asset that enriches the company and the organization you have chosen to be part of. Avoid the temptation to rush in with all the answers and ideas without connecting with your team or showing genuine curiosity. Such a course may inadvertently build walls, erode trust, and ultimately lead to the exodus of talented individuals from the organization – a self-sabotage of something that was once great.

Let this be an inspiration for you to examine your role as a leader within your organization. Be ready to course correct, succeed, and thrive. Life is too short not to aspire to greatness and embrace the joy of accomplishment. By building bridges and embracing the power of connection, you can pave the way to a triumphant leadership journey.

Remember:  Invest before you digress: Build Bridges notwalls

Tony Gareri

CEO & Culture Enthusiast

Drawing from firsthand experiences, Tony addresses how a culture evolution can lead to improved business results and happier work environments.

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