How to Thrive in Unprecedented Times

Pandemic or not, a leader, their business and teams should always be functioning with these ten foundational best practices in mind.


There is so much talk these days about how much the world is changing and how we must all adapt, and while innovation is essential to always remain prevalent and thriving, some business foundations never change, pandemic or not.

I look at these situations that we are facing recently as opportunities to overcome and not be overwhelmed, and the only way to have this mindset is to remain grounded. To remain steadfast on what you know, who you are, and pull out the strength that has been with you and your team through all the good and not so great. Now more than ever is a time to step up, NOT step back!

To keep it simple, pandemic or not, a leader, their business and teams should always be functioning with these ten foundational business best practices. These are practices that the leadership at Roma Moulding has at the core of their operations.

 1.    More is more: over communicate your strategy internally to your team

It’s an opportunity to show your gratitude and appreciation.It will also build security and fosters trust between all levels and departments. What better way to show authenticity and bread loyalty? 

2.    More is more part 2: over communicate your strategy externally. Send those e-blasts and post on social media, communicate your plan clearly  

Clearly means, answer the Who, What, Where, When, and why? Put yourself in their shoes, what would you want to know from your supplier? Keep them informed and up to date!

3.    Increase your online presence to your customers while the competition is low  

Hmmmm, what exactly does this mean? Market the heck out of your product / service via social media platforms! If you’re not active on social you’re missing out on a large audience who could be your biggest fan/supporters. Make sure you post things that add value and be available to field questions and or just listen to their pain points.

4.    Listen to the needs of your customers and double down

Listen and adapt, offer additional products / services during this time that you know is needed. Perhaps offer a promotion and or offer to help lessen the impact to your customers. 

5.    Connect with your loyal customers virtually as much as possible

This is probably one of the easiest! Pick up the phone, send a text or DM – get connected and personal with your loyal supporters. Provide a lifeline to them, think about virtual consultations/FaceTime sessions. 

6.    Unite your team virtually

What does this mean? It means, bring your team together virtually to share ideas, thoughts. Use Zoom or Skype for business, now is the time to use technology for your advantage.

7.    Become creative in your decision making

Unfortunately, we are in unprecedented times and what once was, isn’t. Some tough decisions need to be made but the nugget here is, be creative – think outside of the box. How can you make the most out of a bad situation?

 8.    Be present and be available

Literally, be online, respond in a timely manner and give your best. The truth is, your team and customers need you more than ever.

 9.    Be positive, reassuring and available. You’re a leader, your community needs you the MOST!

Being a leader comes with a lot of responsibility but there is something rewarding about being the person who is a source of calm, confidence and care. With great responsibility comes great reward and whether it is bad or good news that you must share, it is your duty to communicate and provide opportunities to go through it. It’s always best to lead with pride and humanity.

10.  Don’t step back, step up!

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” – Franklin D.Roosevelt

Challenging experiences are the most testing and educational. They are beneficial! It’s easy to be discouraged and not face what’s challenging you but the lessons learned, and obstacles overcome will grow you into an even more powerful leader. We grow in times of trouble; we must embrace whatever is thrown in our way.

It is times like these that test our true ability to reach from within and remain strong. Work on your mindset, practice some great behaviours and methods and NOTHING can stop a will to win!

Remember nothing is perfect and always give it your best!

Tony Gareri

Tony Gareri

CEO & Culture Enthusiast

Drawing from firsthand experiences, Tony addresses how a culture evolution can lead to improved business results and happier work environments.

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