Employees Don't Suck; Your Culture Does!

In a world filled with infinite choices, we have the power to choose not just our schools, food, and cars, but also where we fulfill our careers and occupations.

In a world filled with infinite choices, we have the power to choose not just our schools, food, and cars, but also where we fulfill our careers and occupations. It's interesting to note that the average person changes careers 15 times, and some every 12months; with the rise of remote work, that number will only continue to grow.

As a CEO, my quest to build the greatest company ever has taught me a valuable lesson: culture is the heart and soul of any great organization. Just like great sports teams or churches, the people within a company are what truly make it stand out. While attracting and retaining top talent is crucial, I've come to realize that a strong company culture is the key to long-term employee retention.

Contrary to popular belief, money is not the sole reason people choose to stay at a company. Sure, fair compensation is important, but the real game-changer is a culture of care. Cultivating a culture rooted in values with a clear mission and vision has a profound impact on the team. It's like becoming a magnet or repellant for what you're looking for. The more care we invest in our employees, the stronger our success becomes.

At Roma, caring for our team means more than just fair pay. It means providing a conducive work environment that promotes growth, innovation, and work-life balance. We believe in helping our team members develop new skills, challenging them to reach new heights, and constantly prioritizing their well-being.

In our most recent pulse survey, that we’ve completed 3times a year in last 13yrs we polled our entire company which is quintessentially my number one key performance indicator for those of you who aren’t familiar with it; We measure our focus on care through our internal Net Promoter Score it shows how workers feel about our organization. It’s the highest its ever been in 23 yrs. at 93.5%. There are multiple steps to what makes a great culture & instead of telling you I took it upon myself and asked my leadership team this one question ‘What is the number 1 reason you choose to stay at Roma?’ to answer it for me.

My hope in you reading these is for you to believe that building a great company culture with great people is possible because 14 yrs. ago I almost lost that.

Here are the results of our survey, which I hope will inspire you to embark on your own journey to build a great company culture:

-         For me, the number one reason I have stayed at Roma and the reason I truly enjoy coming into work every single day is that every single day I am being challenged and challenged in different ways. Challenged by you, by the other team members, challenged by leaders, and challenged by my own thoughts and desires to succeed. I truly believe that I have grown a lot since I have joined Roma 9months ago and I’m excited to see the challenges that are ahead.  Feeling personal and professional growth through all of these challenges that I face daily is the reason I have remained at ROMA, and I hope to remain here for many more years.

-         There is a lot of choice out there, but also a lot of toxic culture with no follow through on promises or respect. A great culture with follow through, respect and opportunity to keep growing and I'll be here until I retire. 

-         I really enjoy the people I work with and full heartedly care for my team. It’s not always a walk in the park but the people make it all worthwhile.

-         The people that I work with (peers and subordinates) are the number one reason that I stay at Roma.  They are a group of extremely talented individuals who provide technical, procedural, emotional, and mental support.

-         The reason I have chosen to stay at Roma is due to several reasons. One of the reasons is due to the family atmosphere that we work amongst…co-workers feel more like family then other employees.  Another reason is the challenges we face here on a regular basis…there is no dull day.

-         The main reason I choose to stay at Roma is for our awesome team we have formed and cultured. There are plenty of days where we don’t always click but I know deep down inside we are all good loving and caring people with the intention to help each other out.  Other places will have the same challenges, but its years built as a family here that is unbreakable. That’s why I choose to show up every day and play my hardest.

-         The number one reason I choose to work for Roma is the people that I am surrounded by. From the team members that I see each day, my operations counterparts, to the rest of the leadership team, I know there is constant support to succeed. From day one, I have always felt that anyone on the leadership team was only a call or text away from whatever I needed. In an age of “I” mentality, it has been proven and felt on a deep personal level, we are all here for each other. 

-         Professionalism/Respect/Support of the Leadership team and how well we all work together.   You can feel it.   It’s not about being the best individual here (me, me, me)as much as it is being a part of a much bigger picture (we, we, we).**

-         The reason I chose to stay at Roma is that I’ve always believed that everyone should have equal opportunities, regardless of their social background. I love working with an amazing team that get together and brainstorm to find a solution to achieve a common goal. I love how Roma has launched new products in the last decade and continues to WOW the partners.  I ’m proud and blessed to work for a company with such an excellent track record for innovation, clarity, and transparency I can clearly see how my goals align with that of Roma’s core values.

-         “I chose to stay at Roma, because I believe in the tenacity of the team, and want to be part of something that strives to be the best at what we do.  WE operate collectively as a unit to tackle the hurdles that are placed in our path, both internally and externally.”

-         I choose to stay at Roma because of the people.  It is my second family and I feel support by the team members daily.  The fact that we can enjoy our time together is important since we see each other more than we sometimes see our own families.

-         The number one reason I choose to stay at Roma is simply its “PEOPLE”.  Other companies refer to them as co-workers or associates but at Roma I can truly call them Family.  In my 35+ years of working at 10+ companies I haven’t come across a group of individuals who genuinely make you want to come to work and do your best not only for yourself but for them as well. 

-         The one reason why I choose to stay at Roma is for the people and culture. We work like a family – we disagree, agree, laugh, and cry together.  You care about your people and allow them to be who they are and give them the opportunity to grow.  It makes me happy to be able to enjoy what I do and have the flexibility to be a great mother and wife at home.

-         God places us where we need to be and when. Roma's leadership and employees have a warm, friendly, family attitude. Where everyone helps in anyway, they can. They celebrate the good and learn from the bad and they keep moving forward. It makes me want to do better every day as an employee and as a person.

-         I choose to work at Roma because of the incredibly beautiful culture that is exemplified within the company. Everyone is dedicated to being part of a united team. We work together, care for one another, and uphold qualities that are often hard to find in today's world. Being part of a team that truly believes in one another is a remarkable experience. Each day, we are motivated to challenge ourselves, strive for greatness, and continuously improve. It is a pleasure to work in an environment where we lift each other up, celebrate achievements, and embrace the opportunity to learn and grow. At Roma, transparency, passion and commitment to driving change and inspiration are woven into the fabric of the company, creating a work environment that is truly exceptional. I can’t see myself ever leaving!


My goal in sharing these insights is to inspire action and make you believe that building a great company culture is indeed possible. If this blog has moved you or sparked any questions, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to me at

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Tony Gareri

CEO & Culture Enthusiast

Drawing from firsthand experiences, Tony addresses how a culture evolution can lead to improved business results and happier work environments.

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