A Culture of WOW!

At 37 years old Tim Duncan thrives in a sport dominated by younger men in their 20s’. Duncan and his San Antonio teammates just wrapped up their battle with the Miami Heat for the 2013 NBA Championship.

How can Duncan, already a four-time champion and future Hall of Famer, defy age and continue to dominate while propelling his team to new heights? After all, he’s already earned millions of dollars and has nothing left to prove to anyone. He does it by never accepting good as good enough.

Years ago Duncan dropped this pearl of wisdom on reporters post-game.

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”

That’s the mentality required to sustain a level of excellence for as long as Duncan has.

At Roma, we proudly set our expectations high! Often, we set them so high we don’t even know what tactics are required to achieve them. However, the team knows that we hire, train and stand for the best. By playing on a team that challenges everything and where anything is possible – it’s okay to strive for the WOW!

As the leader of our company, I don’t walk around threatening people’s jobs or cracking whips in order to get the desired results. I set the expectation of excellence for my team and myself. We’re on this planet for a limited amount of time, why settle for a mediocre life? I choose to live a life filled with WOW experiences!

Set your expectations to WOW

We are on a mission to Move, Inspire and WOW all those we come in contact with. I’m blessed that my father taught me to WOW early in life. Long before I became the leader I am today, Roma President, John Gareri set the expectation to WOW. He would create mouldings so beautiful, with designs so original and fantastic that our partners would have a single word to respond to his work … “WOW”.

I use that motivation to guide me when I implement policies that drive our culture. From marketing to customer care, accounting to information technology, our people are proud to be part of the best teams and motivated to WOW.

As a leader, ask yourself, what team do you want to be part of? The average, mediocre team or the outstanding one? Is good, good enough or are you prepared to invest in and set your expectations to WOW?

Tony Gareri

CEO & Culture Enthusiast

Drawing from firsthand experiences, Tony addresses how a culture evolution can lead to improved business results and happier work environments.

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