Tony Speaks at the Redemptive Business Lab – A Tyndale Faith-Based Entrepreneurship Program

April 2, 2023

Toronto, ON - On March 3, 2023, Tony Gareri, a highly respected CEO, company culture and leadership speaker, columnist, and blogger, was appointed as one of the entrepreneur mentors for the Redemptive Business Labs event for faith-based entrepreneurs

The Redemptive Business Labs event for faith-based entrepreneurship took place from April 2-4, 2023, organized by theCentre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship and Tyndale University, held in Paris, Ontario.

RedemptiveBusiness Labs is a program that was designed to empower early-stage entrepreneurs in the Greater Toronto Area to create redemptive business models that promote the common good and seek the flourishing of all. The event ncluded workshops, mentorship, and community-building activities to helpparticipants gain the knowledge and skills they need to build successful,faith-based businesses.

Asa leadership mentor for the event, Tony Gareri provided guidance and insights to help attendees deepen their imagination and accelerate their practice of redemptive entrepreneurship. "As a firm believer in the idea that work shouldn't hurt, I'm thrilled to have supported the Redemptive Business Labs,"said Tony Gareri. "This event offered an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn how to integrate their faith into their business practices and build a more fulfilling work experience."

"Redemptive entrepreneurship is about using our gifts and resources to create businesses that benefit society and honor God," said Philip Yan, founder of CRE, the organizer of the Toronto Redemptive Business Lab. "We were excited to have Tony Gareri on board as a leadership mentor for this event, and we believe his insights were invaluable to our attendees."

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