Book: The Engaged Employee Blueprint

October 30, 2017

Tony is humbled to be featured in Corina Walsh’s newest book “The Engaged Employee Blueprint.”

Helping people get the skills they need to succeed for over 12 years, Corina Walsh has designed and delivered training programs for health authorities, governments, and industry groups. In 2013, she turned her passion for learning into a business and founded Shift People Development. Today, Walsh is helping individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses get the skills they need to work better, build meaningful careers, improve productivity, and grow the bottom line.

Corina Walsh, a featured blogger for the Huffington Post, writes about emotional intelligence and leadership. In her most recent book, “The Engaged Employee Blueprint,” Walsh guides readers through real-life business case studies to drive home her main message: “Build a Workplace Culture Where Employees Thrive.” Author Walsh examined Roma Moulding CEO, Tony Gareri’s unique approach to building happiness and company culture.

“Many companies make the claim that ‘their people are their greatest asset’, but few seem to know how to really put those words into action. Roma Moulding not only recognizes that their people are their greatest asset but have figured out how to turn their employees into a competitive advantage for the company.”

Grab a copy of Corina Walsh’s “The Engaged Employee Blueprint” here now!

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