Tony To Speak At The 2015 ReInvent Work Summit

May 12, 2015

Renowned CEO, columnist and leadership guru, Tony Gareri has been asked to be a keynote speaker at the 2015 ReInvent Work Summit on May 19, 2015 in Toronto.

The ReInvent Work Summit is held by Impact99; a leading consulting firm for human resource (HR) leaders who wish to improve company culture, team engagement and productivity. The goal of the ReInvent Work Summit is to bring together an intimate group of progressive HR leaders and supply them with tangible advice on how to leverage a dynamic company culture as an important business tool that drives results including an enriched customer experience.

“Being a speaker at this years ReInvent Work Summit is both a privilege and honour,” said Gareri. “Pam Ross does a remarkable job of curating a phenomenal room of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of people at work!

Gareri was selected for the outstanding work he’s accomplished by creating an inclusive, harmonious and efficient work culture at Roma Moulding. Also speaking at the 2015 ReInvent Work Summit is Director of Culture and Engagement at Klick Chelsea MacDonald, Mayor of G Adventures David Homes, Chief Nurse Executive at Toronto East General Hospital Irene Andress, and CEO and Founder of YouTern Mark Babbitt.

“The ReInvent Work Summit is ideal for leaders who are passionate about changing the world of work; leaders who refuse to be average and are driving their organizations to become extraordinary. That’s why Tony Gareri was the perfect speaker,” said Pam Ross, Producer of the ReInvent Work Summit. “Tony’s story of how he reinvented culture at Roma Moulding is exactly the kind of inspiration our tribe members are ready for. Tony’s passion for his work and openness to sharing the why, how and what behind his story will give everyone reinvention strategies to take back to their own organizations. We can’t wait to get Tony’s help in our mission to make work awesome everywhere!”

Ross visited the Roma Moulding world headquarters to experience the company’s outstanding culture firsthand.

“I recently had the opportunity to meet Tony and he has transformed the culture of a 30 year old family-owned, traditional business to one that’s delivering happiness and has an awesome culture where people are excited to come to work,” said Ross.

To find out more information about the ReInvent Work Summit, please click here.