Tony To Close The 2015 Better Workplace Conference

October 8, 2015

Tony Gareri, CEO, culture champion and leadership guru will be the closing keynote speaker at the Conference Board of Canada's 2015 Better Workplace Conference in Gatineau, Quebec

Tony joins speakers such as Peter Aceto, President and CEO of Tangerine Bank and Rona Maynard, author of “My Mothers Daughter.

While other events focus on specific workplace issues such as wellness, change, resilience, leadership, or culture, the annual Better Workplace Conference provides multiple perspectives, tips and tricks attendees can use to improve their overall workplace dynamic. This event is designed to help delegates and their organizations become the best they can be. As final keynote speaker, Tony will close with his insights on workplace happiness and engagement on October 16 at 2:30pm.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting Tony and hearing him speak,” said John Brewer, Conference Chair of the 2015 Better Workplace Conference. “What makes these events great is the speakers’ conviction, energy and new ideas. It’s also important that conferences end with a bang. We want people to leave energized and inspired. That made Tony an obvious choice to close this event and I was delighted when he accepted our invitation.”

Tony’s session will highlight workplace happiness and engagement and how to make it work for everyone in the real world. Tony will share his formula of “happy people = happy customers = a successful business” and will exemplify what is possible when you set out to develop a happy, productive workplace and commit to seeing it through. His story illustrates a way to take the great ideas you have about corporate culture and make them a reality in your organization by providing specific tools and case studies.

“Being closing keynote speaker at this year’s Better Workplace Conference is an honour,” said Tony. “I am incredibly passionate about creating better workplaces and I believe that when you bring together great people, a leading brand and an insanely great culture, magical things happen!”

In preparation for the keynote, Tony created a few videos with his unique spin on barriers to culture progression, decisions he would do-over as leader, who he most admires, and words to live by. Check them out here or by clicking the image below.