Tony Talks: 'The Power of Change'

May 10, 2017

Tony Gareri delivered a special keynote on the Power of Change in Council Chambers at Vaughan City Hall

Gareri addressed the Senior Management Team in the Vaughan Council Chambers as he applauded the ambitions, innovations and actions the City is showing in a time of rapid change. Tony spoke to an intimate, 50-member group, regarding the inevitability of change, and how it’s directly linked to happiness in the workplace.

During his second keynote at The City of Vaughan, only months after the first, Gareri answered questions about his experiences with Company Culture and Success with Change, and shared how his team were able to completely overhaul their own company culture six years ago. Gareri offered personal stories and insights about the difficult yet rewarding challenge of developing a company’s culture, and implementing a new way of doing business, in a rapidly changing market.

“I was thrilled to be invited back and into Council Chambers, for the opportunity to speak to the remarkable leaders of The City of Vaughan, the place I call home.” explains Tony Gareri, CEO of Roma Moulding. “I’ve always been passionate about sharing insights and information, especially when it can make a direct influence on the lives of so many in my own community!”

“I have heard Tony speak twice. Each time I hear him speak, I learn something new about change, leadership and employee culture,” explains Leah Zilnik, Director of The Office of Transformation and Strategy. “His speaking style and enthusiasm for happiness is infectious!”