Tony Gareri Invited to Speak Again at UOIT

Tony Gareri, Roma Moulding’s Chief of WOW, was excited to be invited back for a second time to speak to entrepreneurship students for a second time at the renowned University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, Ontario. Founded in 2002, UOIT offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in science, engineering, health, and information technology.

Gareri guest lectured on April 4th at UOIT’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship Class. The theme of the course was entrepreneurial culture in a family business, (Konopaski is also a family-run business owner). Tony shared with the 100 students the importance of Entrepreneurship and happiness in the workplace.

Gareri’s plans for Roma Moulding are nothing but inspiring. Since taking over as CEO, Gareri and his team have been on a mission to Move, Inspire and WOW everyone they come into contact with, beginning with their own team, and loyal partners. Gareri is also an accomplished keynote speaker, blogger, columnist, and regularly provides corporate culture consulting to global brands.

Gareri’s presentation was titled “Anything is Possible” and inspired students to think about the importance of choice, and choosing happiness in their careers. Gareri took students on a quest to discover that your career, your happiness, your family and friends, are all a choice, and the importance of making the right choices can alter your life.

“I’m passionate about sharing insights and information that I rarely received when I sat in their position. Having the ability to share my message on the power of choice and the ability to create the world’s happiest workplace, was an honor,” said Gareri. “The connection between happy team members and incredible company results can’t be faked. Service, Sales, innovation, creativity, and commitment are all influenced by how motivated, and ultimately how happy, your teams are!”

And their professor, Konopaski, agreed.

“Tony is amazing, the content is excellent, his delivery, presentation, I cant say enough about it.” said Konopaski. “He captures the audience’s attention with a simple presentation style. He isn’t trying to wow people with flashy things, he wows them with content, advice and direction! If the students had to draw a picture of what Tony’s presentation looked like, they would have drawn a Superhero of Happiness for the People.”

Natalie Trivino

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