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Learn how to captivate and connect with a crowd in Roma Moulding CEO, Tony Gareri’s latest blog, Avoid Disaster on Stage – 4 Must Do’s!


May 2015

Avoid Disaster on Stage – 4 Must Do’s!

For some, it may be their worst nightmare but to me it’s my dream. I find myself at the front of a large room filled with 99 passionate HR professionals all hanging on my next word. Things are going well but in a moment I decide to truly let myself be authentic and say the next thing that comes to my mind. “How cool is...

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How Your Bathroom Is Killing Creativity


Mar 2015

How Your Bathroom Is Killing Creativity

A recent Gallup study shows some staggering numbers regarding workplace engagement and happiness. The latest figures indicate that 70 percent of Americans feel disengaged in their jobs. Meaning they’re checked out, sleepwalking through the day, or worse, just passing time. If that wasn’t bad enough, of those 70 percent, 18 percent are ‘actively disengaged’, meaning they are miserable at work and actively undermining coworkers and...

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