Tony Hosts Leadership Workshop in Columbus, GA

On Tuesday February 28, 2017 Tony Gareri was honoured to be the feature speaker at the Pastoral Institute’s, “Not Your Daddy’s Leadership Workshop”. The Pastoral Institute is a non-profit, faith-based organization located in Midtown Columbus, GA. The center has been serving the community for over 40 years, providing counseling and education to individuals, couples, families and children.

With a clear vision to help inspire and empower people to love, serve and live meaningfully, the Pastoral Institute once again challenged its conventional thinking about Leadership and what it all means! Gareri presented his personal antidotes on how building and fostering the right company culture, paired with the right leadership, can change the entire game!

“When asked to be the feature speaker at the Pastoral Institute’s Leadership Workshop, I was both humbled and honored. When I learned more about what they wanted to accomplish, paired with their title, “Not your Daddy’s Leadership Workshop”, I was over the top excited and knew it was going to be special.” Said Tony Gareri, CEO Roma Moulding.

“And special it was”, said, Rev. Thomas Waynick, CEO Pastoral Institute

“It was fantastic and it truly lived up to challenging our community and our own center. Tony was energetic, creative in his approach and certainly inspiring” Thomas goes on to say, “Hearing your story and culture has certainly helped us see things differently, and has helped us along in our culture and leadership journey.”

Tony Gareri

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