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Legacy, Family and Growing the Business Podcast.

“Culture is the DNA or soul of the organization. It’s how the company shows up.” – Tony Gareri

When it comes to scale, culture is king. You can’t successfully scale a business, without having established core values to help build your team.

Tony Gareri is the CEO of Roma Moulding, widely considered a gold standard for incredible company culture. Matthew Bertulli is an acclaimed Canadian entrepreneur that has managed to retain ten of the original twelve employees in his company Demac Media. Jayson Gaignard is the ever-talented founder and head Talent Scout at, an organization assembling the best and brightest Entrepreneurs from across North America.

In Episode 6 of Gaignard’s podcast, Community Made, the three sit down and have a frank conversation about the evolution of each of their organizations. They discuss the key actions that helped to bolster great internal cultures, the challenges and rewards of working alongside family, and ultimately how each selected a similar path to scale their business.

Have your notebook handy because this one’s a gold mine…

Tony Gareri

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