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As CEO of Roma Moulding, the world’s finest Italian picture frame company, Tony has led the team through an extraordinary culture transformation, affirming Roma as an industry leader while establishing an outstanding Company Culture. Roma Moulding operates in 5 countries, has more than 145 team members, and has been honored with numerous awards. Roma Moulding’s commitment to culture is the engine of their growth and success, and over the years has attracted some of the world’s top talent. Tony Gareri believes that workplace happiness is a right, not a privilege, and is on a personal mission to Move, Inspire & WOW the people he comes into contact with.

Tony believes that when you bring together great people, a leading brand and an insanely great culture, magical things happen. His goal is to help transform other business around the world, supporting and aiding in the development of their own company cultures. A prolific public speaker, Tony has presented to audiences such as Woodbine Entertainment, The Global and Mail, The Reinvent Work Summit, and Toastmaster Magazine’s Most Passionate Leaders of 2014. Tony believes that company culture is his way of helping the world become a better place. “If we focus on workplace happiness, we’ll see that happiness seep into our homes and schools, helping to make everyone’s life a whole lot more powerful!”

Throughout the past half-decade, Tony’s has presented to many leading businesses in North America with a focus on the following subjects:

  • Leadership.
  • Company culture.
  • Workplace happiness.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Customer Experience.
  • Change & Innovation.

Tony has been featured by :



“It’s tough to put into words but Tony did Move us, Inspire us and Wow us with his passion for Culture and having an impact on people’s lives.  It’s refreshing to talk with another business owner that understands being a family business.  Tony was able to share many real examples of how he and the rest of the leaders at Roma lead their business, deal with issues, and navigate through change.  Shifting Company Culture can be a very daunting task but Tony, Olga and Olivia opened their doors to us to see how they went about doing it.  Forever grateful”

Jerry Martel
Director of Human Resources, Tepperman's

Testimonial Jerry Martel

“I absolutely loved hearing Tony speak, he was captivating and entertaining the whole time! His audience totally gets “the tough people” you have to work for and with, and how, a little adjusting in your mind set can pay off big dividends.”

Mauro Fabris
Business & Religion Teacher, Holy Cross Catholic High School

Testimonial Mauro Fabris

“Thank you so much for arranging for Tony to come to speak to our students, they got a lot out of his presentation!  One of the students said he gave him hope that we won’t turn out to be a failure and the other students talked about how they realize they have choices and those dictate where they can go in life. I will definitely have Tony in again as I think the students did get a lot out of it and Tony is a very very good speaker!”

Lisa Nagy
Business Teacher, Holy Cross Catholic High School

Testimonial Lisa Nagy

“Tony is driven, knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. He has created an A class team while pushing boundaries and promoting unconventional activities. His passion for a positive culture style is infectious, and I loved listening to him speak. I would definitely go see Tony again!”

Matt Fair
HR Administrator, Inclusive Advisory

Testimonial Matt Fair

“It’s rare to come across a company culture that stands out like Roma Moulding. I had the pleasure of visiting the Roma office with a few members of my team for the “Roma Culture Tour”. Tony and his team have created something very special; unlike anything I have ever experienced. Tony’s passion for culture, is both inspired and inspiring. Our team left the Roma office radiating with positive energy and creative ideas of how we can continue to build on our company culture at Mercatus Technologies. I am absolutely moved by their generosity and authenticity to help others drive positive change within to their organizations. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the morning with the team, I can’t wait to visit the Roma office again!”

Alicia Sarris
HR Business Partner, Mercatus Technologies Inc.

Testimonial Alicia Sarris

“Since having Tony’ speak to our employees once before proved to be so successful, we decided to bring him to an event for our customers. Best decision ever! We were able to produce a first in class, value added offering to our clients that was so well received it had the entire community talking about us, our culture and all that Tony brought to us that day. His message was concise and proved to be a very timely message to a lot of our participants. We had over 300 guests come to see us, and our brand, to learn how our Culture has made us so successful all thanks to Tony. Our credibility with our customers sky rocketed and we proved to be even better business partners than we were before.”

Ken Stewart
Managing Director, Landscape Effects Group

Testimonial Ken Stewart

“Tony’s energy is infectious. He shares a powerful yet natural message. I guarantee that the majority of the audience walked away asking the same question: “What can I do to bring this ‘vibe’ to my place of work?”. The best part to Tony G is his truth – He is a living testament of his brand. He embodies the tale he tells and empowers his team and his clients…that’s inspiring and very powerful.”

Sabine Main
Editorial and Creative Director, Landscape Effects

Testimonial Sabine Main

“Wow… Tony delivered such an invigorating message about workplace culture and motivation. I couldn’t agree more with his belief that a happy workplace is the key to retaining good talent and achieving organizational goals. The business management students at Father Bressani Catholic High School were engaged throughout his entire presentation and inspired by his accomplishments. Tony is the real deal… a transformative leader who is now sharing his strategies for success. His entrepreneurial drive and passion are contagious. Thank you for your amazing message and for helping shape our future business leaders.”

Claudia Campoli
Father Bressani Catholic High School

Testimonial Claudia Campoli

“Tony took time out of his busy day to visit with a Grade 12 business class at my school. His presentation about career pathways and work place culture was informative, motivating and inspirational to my students. My students enjoyed listening to a successful CEO! Thanks Tony!”

Dan Zaroski
Father Bressani Catholic High School

Testimonial Dan Zaroski

“We brought Tony to speak to over 100 local business leaders about the importance of building a positive workplace culture. He spoke with passion and offered practical suggestions for engaging employees and handling challenging situations. His personal story of turning his family business around was very inspiring and is a real testament to how leading a workplace where employees are respected and cared for leads to outstanding results. The evaluation surveys from participants had many positive comments, such as: “Tony’s presentation was excellent!” and “please bring Tony back, lots of folks need to hear his presentation.”

Lynda Fraser, Health Promotion Planner Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Testimonial Lynda Fraser, Health Promotion Planner Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Founder & Sales Rep, Urban Lifestyle Group & Keller Williams.

Amy Youngren
Urban Lifestyle Group & Keller Williams

Testimonial Amy Youngren

Stephanie and Silvana talk about Tony’s presentation at Vaughan City Hall.

Stephanie and Silvana
City of Vaughan

Testimonial Stephanie and Silvana

Michael Konopaski talks about Tony’s Keynote at University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

Michael Konopaski
CFO, Aligned Capital Partners and Senior Lecturer, UOIT

Testimonial Michael Konopaski

Laura Ellis, Founder & CEO, Trusted Advisory Board

Laura Ellis
Founder & CEO, Trusted Advisory Board

Testimonial Laura Ellis

“Tony is a very down to earth kind of person, someone who is willing to share his experiences in business in order to help out someone else. I connected with him on LinkedIn and reached out to him for business advise… just his willingness to help out someone he’s never met is amazing.

How I would describe good leadership is “Selflessly Leading with Love” and Tony exemplifies that. He’s very aligned with who I am and my values and that is great.”

Eric Goll

Testimonial Eric Goll

Karrots came by for a Culture Talk

Janice Zeppieri
Founder & Owner, Karrots Inc.

Testimonial Janice Zeppieri

The Conference Board of Canada’s Better Workplace Conference – John Brewer had this to say about Tony’s Keynote Presentation

John Brewer
Executive Program Developer, Conference Board of Canada

Testimonial John Brewer

“Definitely one of the most inspiring guest speakers I’ve had a chance to listen to and take valuable notes and life lessons from.”

“Wow! Hands down the best way to end the class with Tony coming in.”

“I was blown away by Tony and his experiences.”

“I thought it couldn’t get any better as far as guest speaker but today topped them all. Tony’s whole presentation was entertaining but also very informative and extremely inspiring.”

“I could relate to his story because I came from an immigrant family as well. Tony really inspired me by saying people don’t buy what you have, they buy what you are.”

“Tony really lived up to the hype. It’s a completely different business model and without a doubt he was the best guest speaker we’ve had.”

Entrepreneurship Students at UOIT

Testimonial Entrepreneurship Students at UOIT

Tony is engaging, inspiring, refreshing and clearly passionate about what he is doing. What’s great is that Tony’s approach is so down to earth. He’s believable, and has proven it is possible to make the impossible happen! I’ve seen hundreds of speakers and I make similar presentations all over the world. Tony is one of the very best.

Michael Konopaski
CFO at Aligned Capital Partners and Senior Lecturer at UOIT

Testimonial Michael Konopaski

“Gareri took over as CEO with a mission to build the happiest workplace in town. He clicked. Roma Moulding was named the 2014 Business of the Year by an Ontario, Canada, Chamber of Commerce and was featured on the cover of Décor magazine. Gareri, who calls himself “The Chief of Wow,” followed his passion to create a workplace that puts a premium on happy, engaged employees.” Carmine Gallo, 2014’s Most Passionate Leaders.

Carmine Gallo
Best Selling Author

Testimonial Carmine Gallo

My position is about 80% coaching, where I help the other executives to drive culture. That’s why I was so impressed to come and experience what Tony is doing on a day-to-day basis and to hear about the changes and transformation.

I appreciated that I was able to see the journey and hear about how it was before and that it’s not done yet. It just feels great. I believe that culture is vibe. It’s something that you can feel when you walk in and you can feel that something special is happening at Roma!

Leslie Newhall
Vice President, Human Resources

Testimonial Leslie Newhall

Erminia Lombardi
Company Culture Enthusiast

Testimonial Erminia Lombardi

Tony is what they call THE REAL DEAL. He delivers happiness each and everyday! His celebration of life makes you believe that there’s always a way – if you’re committed.
Tony proves on a daily basis that there is only one success and that is to spend your life pursuing your passion!  The world is a better place because of HIM!

Mary Stefanac
Platinum Edge Recruitment Inc.

Testimonial Mary Stefanac

Travis and Anna
360 Incentives and Pelmorex

Testimonial Travis and Anna

“I feel tremendously privileged to have spent a couple of hours experiencing the Roma culture. Tony and the rest of the team are truly inspirational. Although already a big believer in positive culture being the critical component in business success, I left Roma after our tour realizing that culture is the key ingredient to being a true game changer. Thanks so much to the entire team for opening up and letting us be a part of Roma, even for a couple of hours. Very special indeed!”

Tania Caza
VP Human Resources

Testimonial Tania Caza

Our tour was so much fun! We got to play with the awesome folks at Roma but we learned a lot along the way.

We’re very inspired … we got to connect with the team members to understand their vision for Roma.

Michelle Hachem
Marketing Director, Hachem

Testimonial Michelle Hachem

Jayson Talks about the culture and experience with Tony at Roma Moulding.

Jayson Gaignard
Jayson Gaignard, Founder Mastermind Talks

Testimonial Jayson Gaignard

Nicky Billou, Co-Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Circle (eCircle) after a Roma Culture Tour with Tony Gareri.

Nicky Billou
Co-Founder, eCircle

Testimonial Nicky Billou

Emile Studham, Co-Founder, Xmovement and Jesse Moeinifar, CEO, Viafoura

Jesse Moeinifar & Emile Studham

Testimonial Jesse Moeinifar & Emile Studham

Peter G. Goral, VP Business Development of Techblocks Inc. came for a Culture Talk with Tony

Peter G. Goral
VP Business Development of Techblocks Inc.

Testimonial Peter G. Goral

Nicky Billou, Co-Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Circle (eCircle) after a Roma Culture Tour with Tony Gareri.

eCircle during their Culture Tour:


Nicky Billou
Co-Founder of The Entrepreneurs Circle

Testimonial Nicky Billou

Pam Ross
Producer, ReInvent Work Summit

Testimonial Pam Ross

Eric Casillas and Jeremy Lovely
Roma Team Members

Testimonial Eric Casillas and Jeremy Lovely

“Tony doesn’t just talk about building company culture and leadership, their core values are so deeply woven in to their culture that you get a flavour of it in every interaction you have with their team at Roma,” said Marko. “Every company should be taking notes.”

Elan Marko
Small Business Consultant

Testimonial Elan Marko

Tony Gareri was recently a guest on the PROFIT BusinessCast, Canada’s leading podcast for entrepreneurs.  As Tony’s business card reads ‘Chief Of Wow’ he certainly lived up to his billing.  The episode featuring Tony is one of our most popular, as Tony’s unique attitude and approach to entrepreneurship struck a real chord with our national audience – they were enthralled!

Tony is an inspiring speaker, and we’ve heard from listeners that they’ve shared the episode with colleagues and co-workers.  It seems everyone wants to work where the spell of happiness drives results.

Robert Gold
Producer and Host, PROFIT BusinessCast

Testimonial Robert Gold

We’ve been working with Roma for quite a while but this is the first time, I’ve visited them. They are really approachable and family oriented; it says so much about what they do! I look forward to growing our partnership together

Romero Britto
World Renowned Artist

Testimonial Romero Britto

I’ve known Tony for many years and what he’s been able to accomplish in a short time is nothing short of astounding! In addition to revitalizing an industry, he’s been instrumental in creating an amazing leadership team and vibrant company culture.

Len Mammoliti
Roma Team Leader

Testimonial Len Mammoliti

“Spending a couple of hours with Tony and the Roma team was truly an awakening experience. The positive energy, sense of FUN and aura or WOW was truly amazing to witness. Kudos to the Roma team for your accomplishments in creating the incredible culture you have there. Thank you for sharing that with us and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Jorge Soares
Senior Director, Hospitality and Off-Track Operations

Testimonial Jorge Soares

Previous to being mentored by Tony, I was a shy, introverted writer. Almost instantly, through his unique and hands-on coaching style, I’ve become a confident and capable public speaker and leader within my field.

Gordon Thain
Roma Team Member

Testimonial Gordon Thain

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