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I spent my whole life preparing for this moment. I knew it was coming but had no idea when or how. Suddenly it was here and all eyes were on me. It was my time to shine, my opportunity to implement my vision.

I grew up in a family business, learning from my father who founded Roma Moulding 30 years ago. He built a company from nothing but the idea that European elegance would thrive in North America. After years of honing my skills through mentorship and studies, I was ready to take over the business; but it would have to be done my way.

“Now ready to walk away from the only business he knew, his family’s legacy, Tony called a meeting. With a lump in his throat, Tony approached John with a concept so extreme, so outside the box, many wouldn’t believe the words coming from his mouth: “I want to blur the lines between work and play. I want Roma to be a company that puts a premium on happiness.” Happiness? The man who was being groomed to run one of the biggest players in the custom frame industry wanted to be happy?” An excerpt from The Pursuit of Happiness: Roma Moulding Celebrates 30 Years as it appeared in Décor Magazine.

I can still taste the fear as I approached my father with my concept. I wasn’t happy. I hated the man who greeted me in the mirror every morning. I knew that if I felt this way, those dedicated people that I led at Roma Moulding, felt the same – or worse! I told my father that workplace happiness is a right and not a privilege. I let him know that if I were to continue working at our family business, big changes were needed and that I was going to be the guy to make them. I told him I was going to completely change our company culture. I was going to create a workplace, so dedicated to happiness that people would never want to leave. He looked at me with trepidation in his eyes but support in his heart. He handed me the keys to the company and told me to make him proud.

That was three years ago. Since then I’ve tirelessly researched, implemented and coached others on how to create an amazing company culture. Today, the brands I lead are dedicated to spreading happiness. Why? I’ve discovered the connection between happy team members and incredible company results. Service, sales, innovation, creativity and commitment are all influenced by the how motivated and ultimately, happy people are.

“Today Tony Gareri, Roma’s CEO and “Chief of WOW”, is three years into a five-year rebuilding effort. Roma’s sales have rebounded more than 25 percent in the last three years and the company was just named the 2014 Business of The Year by the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce.” An excerpt from The Picture Of Happiness: One Company’s Remarkable Story of Reinvention written by acclaimed author Carmine Gallo for Forbes.com.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot but it has to be a whole team effort if you want to win. I can show you how, just ask me!

My mission to improve workplace culture has taken me across North America, including:

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